Along the Kinabantagan River
Danum Valley Sunrise
Female Orang Utan at the Sepilok Primate Rehabilitation Center
Bornean Sunbear
Siamese Crocodile
Proboscis Monkeys
Proboscis Dominant Male
Proboscis colony
Proboscis Female
Oriental Pied Hornbill
Asian Black Hornbill
Oriental Pied Hornbills
Oriental Pied Hornbill
White Crowned Hornbill
Rhinoceros Hornbill
The Rare and Endangered Storm's Stock in Flight
Fish Eagle
Crested Serpent Eagle
Baby Marquette Monkey
Another baby!
Monkey colony high up in the tree canopy
Male Orang Utan in the Wild
Gomantong Caves
Gomantong Cave
Bornean Pygmy Elephant
Bornean Pygmy Elephants
Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Canaopy walk in Danum Valley
Baby Orang Utan in the wild
Red Leaf Monkey: Mother feeding her baby
A Blue-Throated Bee Eater
A Yellow-Breasted Flower Pecker
Female Orang Utan high up in the Jungle Canopy
Borneo Black Banded Squirrel
Civet Cat
Blue Moth
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